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Picture above: Angels from the Church, My new Photo  book that’s Coming Soon


This all started for me at 4 years old. I had an out of body experience, I did not know what it was. But I remember I used to tell my mom I can fly around in the sky like superman. I gave it up, I  was scared about the power lines next to my bedroom window. In 1964, I was 6 years old my parents house was 6 doors down from the entrance of a large research Laboratory Facility.
 My friends and I, used to watch the Police escorted, Military truck with saucer shaped disc on the back of flatbed trailers. We didn’t know what they were. I touched one of those discs, once when no one was looking while they were waiting for the Armed guard with his German shepherd to unlock the gate.
The gate at the Research Labs. Ghost German Shepherds, remember me from, 60 years ago, when I was a little boy.


After that, I began to see Orange Orbs then later ghosts. I did not know what was going on in my life, Mom and Dad thought I was losing it, by seeing all those ghosts all the time. I remember my mom and I, walking to the Doctor’s office, to get my eyes checked out. I remembered a  ghost appeared across the street of an old lady and disappeared slowly into a mist. I told my mom about it. Her face turned dark red and she scolded me and said you better quit making your ghost up! They will take you away from me!
 I think she scared the ghosts away, because they never appeared, when she was around. Now they only appear maybe 3-8 times a year. Orange Orb the same. Ghosts never bothered me. I mean I was so used to them, seeing them all the time. My mom all my life told me there are no such things as ghosts or UFOs, and I am crazy and should seek out a psychiatrist. But I persisted in learning new things and trying to figure this all out of why?
Colored Orbs over the City of Pittsburgh. Pa. with Alien in the grass
            About 40 years later, I heard about this Altered states style meditation on the radio, called Astral Projection. To get it going you first must learn Kundalini Meditation. That meditation is not about relaxing, like regular meditation, it’s more like stimulation of the entire body so you can spew out the soul out of your body. That’s basically what it’s about,
My Soul traveled to the spirit world, In search of my Soul Mate, she died in a tragic Car wreck, Our Love brought us together on the other side of the veil. I made some new friends while being over there, I Photograph them, in these Photo books, that basically it.

Picture on the Left, A Photo of me walking my dogs at night. made out by the Spirits for me to capture on my Camera     or my future Death Picture.  Dealing with this stuff is hard for me, to get my head around it.

I guess its my Job in explaining this to the Public. 

To tell you the truth the Public scares me more than any GHOST/Demon.

Yea, I know I need an editor to edit my books, I am my own Editor, My book are self- Published, all my picture were taken by me. I can summon the spirits/Aliens for a photo session sometimes. Most of the time they summon me! I built my own web site too. Still working on it. I bet you can tell I have dyslexia… or I call it Alien Mind wipes.

    I bet you didn’t know aliens can fly without the UFO or their craft Huh? Welcome to my Photobook of my journey into my discovery into the Alien Brotherhood or I like to think of it as My curse. The Aliens finally told me in 2023 that I am a Hybrid, maybe that is why I saw so many UFOs, all through my life growing up. I lost count of seeing  500 of them. I have many stories and Photos of my journey in trying to figure out What’s going on with these beings in my life. I mean something like our, totally crazy stories in the book like, they popped my eyes out my head once or twice. I can remember, But they did cure my Glaucoma. Well, Please buy my book and I will tell you about my Journey into discovering the spirit world or the other side of the veil. Plus the story about the sex with my dead girlfriend in the UFO. 


      Did you read the Paragraph above where the Aliens told me I am a Hybrid, well now I have all the Demons following me. Or I like to think of them Demons as yesterday’s Aliens, I mean they are about a Billion years ahead of us on the evolutionary ladder. They just sit back and watch us destroy each other, and pull your soul into Hell for all your sins. I try my best to be sin free, I Pray to Jesus Christ all the time.

I feel sometimes I walk a tightrope with these entities, I got the demons on one side of me and the Angels on the other side. Oh yea, I see big beautiful Angels also. I have a few pictures of them, I stick them in the Angel of the church Photo book,

This Book is mainly Demons, and anything Red, Demon love Red as a color, Yea Its all color Coded would you believe that, Go Figure


    All these movies, about ghosts, Like GhostBusters, and Haunted house movies. Well, I live in a Ghostly world. All my life I have seen Ghosts , sometimes just walking by and smiling at me. Some float away, Some float in. Sometimes I hear things, I always tell them, do not talk to me, unless you have the lottery numbers. Well anyways, I am still poor. 

  About 10 years ago, I thought since I see GHost, Orbs, I would join a  few Paranormal Groups, And Since I see UFOs a lot I would join up with a  few UFO groups and the same with Cryptid groups since I see monsters or I saw the Butler Gargoyle Once. 

   I started to carry a camera in the groups and I discovered that I can photograph them.First I might get one good photo out of 50 pictures, Then I began to figure it all out, as I went. Now I get about 99 good pictures out of 100 pictures. I Collected a lot of photos of them they just sitting in my Computer,


“ The closer you are to God, the more good and evil has corporeal presence,

You devote your life seeing the fact, and when the fact confuses you. You have to create some scientifically approved explanation for it. But what if there was no scientific explanation ? Stop creating fiction to avoid GOD!

I Had my own  Ghost hunting group,  It was called AVP Allegheny Valley Paranormal Group. This is  one of the videos I made, And since Oakmont Paranormal Invited me and got me in free to this Ghost Hunt, I put there name on the front of it with AVP name.

Email:   darkjimmy@myyahoo.com